Ice Cave Tours in Iceland

Experience Iceland’s surreal crystal ice caves for yourself! Journey into otherworldly, prismatic blue caverns, constantly evolving as the glaciers melt and refreeze each year. Visit natural and man-made ice caves inside the Vatnajökull, Langjökull and Kötlujökull Glaciers- and be sure to pack your camera!

Ice Cave Tours in Iceland

Experience Iceland’s surreal crystal ice caves for yourself! Journey into otherworldly, prismatic blue caverns, constantly evolving as the glaciers melt and refreeze each year. Visit natural and man-made ice caves inside the Vatnajökull, Langjökull and Kötlujökull Glaciers- and be sure to pack your camera!

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Most popular ice cave tours in Iceland

  • 3 Hours
  • All year
Did you know that Iceland is home of one of the rarest natural phenomenon: ice caves. Come and jump onto a Super Jeep and admire the mighty caves of ash and ice. You’ll take a ride into the country on our 4×4 Super Jeep and feel like you are taking a sneak peek into the highlands as you admire the majestic mountains and fields of moss.
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ISK 16.900

  • 4 Hours
  • Oct - April
Join this adventure tour where you will experience all the fantastic features of a glacier; you will hike up an outlet of Vatnajökull glacier, Europe’s largest glacier, where you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enter a crystal blue ice cave, one of the rarest natural phenomena that human eyes have ever encountered.
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ISK 12.900

  • 2 - 3 Hours
  • Nov - March
Come to explore the other-worldly beauty of a natural blue ice cave. In this tour you’ll hop on a SuperTruck to experience hidden areas on a glacier outlet from Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. You’ll see all sorts of ice formations from impressive caves to ice tunnels formed by the dynamic ever-changing Icelandic nature.
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ISK 18.900

Magnificent blue ice
Explore Iceland’s famous “crystal ice caves”- one of the rarest natural phenomena on earth. This is ice like you’ve never seen it before! Prismatic, glass-like shades of blue and beyond.
Experienced local guides
Small group sizes, all the safety gear you need and a knowledgeable guide that knows how to read the ice and keep you safe during your adventure.
Great photo opportunities
Cavernous ice formations + bright colors = spectacular photos! Your friends and family back home will be stunned, so don’t forget that camera.
Easy drive from Reykjavik
Some caves are just 2 hours from Reykjavik, and combo tours let you save time and enjoy your ice cave adventure together with other popular activities. It’s easy to schedule into your plans!

Ice cave tours available in September & October

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"Ice Cave & Northern Lights | Day Tour to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon"

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It was a great experience, our driver/tour guide told us about icelandic traditions and costumes while driving us to the places we were going to visit. He also tried his best to show us the northern lights (successfully!!), withthe beautiful panorama of the mighty seljalandsfoss. The only thing I would say is that despite being a beautiful sight to see the aurora and the cascade together, being night time you could not fully see the seljandsfoss, I know that the guides might do this due to time restraints, but would be really nice to see the waterfall during the day. The ice caving was superb and our guide Sigurđur was also very experienced, knowledgeable and funny. I absolutely loved the tour, it is a very long day but worth every penny, specially if you are only in iceland for a few days and just staying in Reykjavik. Worth every penny, thank you! 5* guys
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"Snowmobiling on the glacier and The Ice Cave"

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This was truly a memorable adventure! The guides/drivers were all very helpful and patient. Olaf was informative, made us feel at ease and very funny! Arnar (spelling?) guided our group up the glacier. He made sure we were safe and gave thorough directions. We had a spectacular view on top of the glacier! Our tour of the ice cave was amazing too. This was my favorite excursion in Iceland! A must-do!
Chino Hills, California
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"Best Katla Volcano experience!!"

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Booked this tour on a whim and had the best experience. Our group was small (3 people) so Gísli, Our tour guide, brought along some of his family members. They were fantastic! The walk through the cave is short but totally worth it and they gave us plenty of time to take pics and even captured some great pics and video of their own, which they shared with us before parting. We were also lucky to have a beautiful day which Gísli took advatage of and added a stop on our tour taking us on an awesome super jeep ride to see the famous yoda looking cave from Rogue One. Before parting Gísli and his family gave us tips on where to go afterwards and some good places to eat. I highly recommend you go on this tour you’ll feel like you’re with friends who know a whole lot about the area rather then a boring tour guide.
Daniela M
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"Otherworldly Tour!"

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How cool to be able to go into a glacier! We were transported to the tunnels by gigantic glacier-travel vehicles. Wear warm clothes, since it's 32 degrees inside the tunnels. You are given crampons to attach to the bottom of your shoes to make walking on the slippery, sloshy ice easier. LED lights under the ice light up so you can see where you are going. Our guide was very informative. An awesome experience!
Las Vegas
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"Skaftafell Blue Ice Cave Adventure and Glacial Hike"

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We had a blast! It was a comfortable hike and both the glacier and ice cave are beautiful. We got plenty of picture moments which allowed us to take the to make great pics.Our guide Ziggy was fabulous, a very knowledgable and energetic guy. We ran into some problems later and he really went the extra mile for us to solve it :). All with all, 10/10 recommendation!
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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"A Must Do Activity"

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My partner and I went on this tour during March and it was amazing. We got to see one ice cave but was well worth the drive from Vik. I sadly don't remember our guide's name, but he was great. He was very knowledgeable about the glacier and the ice cave. The majority of the group was interested in photos and he was very accommodating with this, even taking some for each of us. This was definitely a highlight of the trip and one thing to check off my bucket list. I can't recommend them enough.
Ethan L
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Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about ice cave tours in Iceland

Natural ice caves are formed through the normal melt-freeze cycles of the glaciers. Each year during the warmer months, melting water drips into the glacier through cracks and creates caverns (or enlarges existing ones). When it gets colder, the walls of the caverns freeze up, making them safe to visit and explore during the winter! Find out more about these amazing natural wonders here. A manmade ice cave, on the other hand, (like the “Into the Glacier” experience in Langjökull) is designed and carved by people.

Many caves are unofficially referred to as “blue ice caves” or “crystal ice caves,” but then there’s THE Crystal Ice Cave. It’s become pretty famous, and once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand why! Located in the Vatnajökull glacier, this large ice cave presents you with seemingly endless variations on blue: from gentle turquoise reminiscent of the Caribbean to deep, dark navies, and many shades in between. The cave first appeared in 2011, and although it’s changed a bit each year due to the natural cycles, it’s always stunning. Many of the tours visit this cave, but only in the late autumn, winter, and early spring. It’s not safe to enter during the warmer months.

There are incredible ice caves in many of Iceland’s glaciers, and each year local pros head out to inspect the known caves, make sure they’re still safe to visit, and scout for newly formed ones! The caves that tours usually visit are located in Vatnajökull, (Europe’s largest glacier) Langjökull, Myrdalsjökull, and Svinafellsjökull (an outlet of Vatnajökull). If you need help selecting the right ice cave tour for you, just reach out to us!

You can have an ice cave experience during any season in Iceland, but many of the natural ice caves can only be visited during the colder months, usually from November to March. An exception to the rule: the stunning natural blue ice cave near the Katla Volcano in the Kötlujökull Glacier, which you can visit all year long! You can also go “Into the Glacier” with a tour of the impressive manmade ice cave in Langjökull during every month of the year.

Tours to the ice caves run all winter, and most tour operators keep going through the Christmas holidays. Please see the booking sidebar on the page of the tour you’re interested in to check availability for your preferred date.

Each year, glacier guides and experts inspect the caves before they’re opened, to make sure they’re structurally sound and able to handle the foot traffic. The only way to be 100% sure an ice cave is safe to enter is to go on a tour with a local glacier guide. They’re very experienced at “reading” the ice, and will only take you where it’s safe.

Please don’t attempt to enter ice caves on your own, even during the winter. It only takes a moment for a disaster to strike—not worth the risk!

Yes, your tour will enter the cave during the daylight hours, so you can “ooh” and “ahh” at all those stunning colors!

Please see the main page for the tour you’re interested in to find details like length of tour and time allotted for cave exploration.

On some ice cave tours, yes! Lots of our tour operators offer combo tours, where you’ll get to explore the glacier from inside and out.

Your tour probably won’t be cancelled if it rains. Iceland’s weather is unpredictable, and rain is very common, so most tours are “rain or shine.” If there’s a severe storm or other circumstances that make a visit to the ice caves unsafe, your tour might be cancelled. In this case, you’ll receive an email to alert you, and you’ll be offered a refund or a chance to rebook your tour for a different day.

You should plan to dress in warm layers, with a waterproof outer layer/shell like a rain slicker or windbreaker and waterproof pants. You want to be comfortable, and when you’re inside a glacier that usually means warm clothing that lets you move. Don’t skimp on the layers! You can always remove some if you’re too warm. Sturdy hiking boots that cover your ankles are important, because you’ll be attaching crampons so you don’t slip on the ice.

All the necessary safety equipment will be provided, like a helmet and crampons (metal spikes that attach to your boots and help you grip the ice while you walk).

It depends on which tour you choose; some tours allow children as young as 6 to visit the caves. Please see the main page for your specific tour to find the age requirements.

If you’re pregnant, the best thing to do is consult with your doctor about your trip and which activities are safe for you and baby. That being said, each of the tours has an approximate difficulty rating and a detailed description, which can be very helpful as you decide whether to take a tour while pregnant.

Why book an ice cave tour?

Because until you see them in person, you can’t grasp just how enchanting the crystal-clear blue and aquamarine formations really are! Choose between natural and manmade caves in the Vatnajökull, Langjökull and Kötlujökull glaciers…you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an icy wonderland during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Magnificent blue ice
  • Experienced local guides
  • Great photo opportunities
  • Easy drive from Reykjavik

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